Georgian grapes varieties


Tsolikouri is a Georgian variety of white grape, belonging to the Imeretian family of aboriginal varieties of grape. Two varieties are known: one from the village of Obcha and the other from the village of Bazaleti. Scientists dispute the idea that these two varieties are linked, but great wine was mage from both. From the XIX century onward, Tsolikouri became the defining variety of western Georgian and the country’s second most widespread variety after Rkatsiteli. Besides Imereti, Tsolikouri grows in the regions of Racha-Lechkhumi, Guria, Samegrelo, Adjara and Abkhazia. Lechkhumi’s only PDO wine – the semi-sweet Tvishi – is made from Tsolikouri grapes. Wine made from this variety is also used in the production of sparkling wine. Tsolikouri ripens late, and gives rise to light, straw-colored wines with aromas of citrus fruit, white plum, yellow fruit (mushmala, for example), and flowers.

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