Qvevri wine

Georgian winemaking is renowned for its unique methods. The tradition of making wine in Qvevri is a key sign that distinguishes Georgian wine from all other wines in the world. There are many different technologies for producing wine in Qvevri in Georgia, with differences in eastern Georgia, particularly in Kakheti, and western Georgia, where the rules methods of winemaking in Qvevri are very different from each other.

In order to make Kakhetian amber wine, pips are left to ferment in contact with marc and stalks for 6 months; however, winemaking is different in Kartli, Imereti, Racha-Lechkhumi, Guria, Samegrelo and other regions of Georgia. In these regions, white varieties of grape are not left to ferment in contact with the marc and stalks for 5-6 months, which is why the wines are completely different throughout the country. In November 2013, the ancient Georgian method of winemaking in qvevri was included in the UNESCO's List of World Cultural Heritage. 

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